Our client was looking for an automation process to automatically add a second plastic object (accessory) to the original product. In addition, this system also had to automatically detect unsuitable products through quality control and drive them off the main production line.

PME has scrutinized this automation solution and seamlessly added an additional automation system with robots to the existing machines.


  • Adapt Interface of the existing robot to PME standard
  • Hotstamp integration to print 2 different units in multiple ways.
  • Enter a quality control system to filter unsuitable products using, among other things. weight and shape. Disapproved products are disposed of separately.
  • Installing roller tracks to transport products, accessories and rejects throughout the cycle
  • A reversing station to re-use the product so that the robot takes it to the bottom.
  • Installation of a 9-spoke tire that applies the plastic accessories for assembly.
  • 6-axis robot installation that makes it possible to automatically install plastic accessories on certain products.
  • Install a second robotic arm that can stack both types of products in different ways.

Products used

In order to add the automation to the current production cycle, we have developed an entire link with our own custom technology and our catalog of machines.

9 track conveyor

A conveyor belt of 3 × 3 shelves to supply the plastic accessories needed to be mounted on certain products.

6 Axis robot

Automated robotic arms for handling the products.

Adjustments made by PME

  • Profinet card for communication with central control.
  • Quick coupling for gripper assembly
  • Robot base
  • Necessary vacuum and pressure valves on the gripper of the robot
  • Snake package to the head of the robot
    • 6-axis robot Yakasawa MH-50 II (link)
    • 6-axis robot Yakasawa MH-180-120 (link)

PME Custom made gripper for 6-axis robot arms

  • Custom made PME grippers that are attached to the robot arms to accomplish specific tasks.
  • The first set of grippers is designed to grab the products and accessories and place them on the conveyor belt. As well as mounting the accessories on the products if necessary.
  • In addition, we have provided a second set to grab the products laterally so that they can be stacked according to the specified pattern.

System integration for hot stamp stations (customized PME system)

The central control has a control switch that allows the user to choose which side is printed. Multiple printing positions are further made possible via programming.

Conveyor belts

This specific roller conveyor was installed to seperate the rejected products from the good products. The safety cage with illuminated screens and muting options are custom-made by PME.

Product finalisation

For manual positioning, the Yakasawa MH180-120 gripper robot can place the products upside down on the input and output roller conveyor.

The products are then transported to the injection molding machine, where during the injection molding process the necessary screws can be applied to secure the plastic accessory to product X or Y. Finally, the Yakasawa robot will stack the final products.

Optional production programmation via custom system control

  • 2 x product variants
  • 3 x mounting positions for the plastic accessory on product X or Y
  • 2 x 8 positions to print the products via hot stamp techniques.

System control (customized PME)

  • 1 central Programmable Logic Controller system (PLC) with central security
  • Integration of a touch panel to the injection molding machine
  • Several I / O islands controlled on propinet
  • Controlling the 3 robots via the central PLC
  • Central Reset for the 3 robots and periphery with options for the end (what to do with products in grippers – stations)