The automatic assembly of steel rings with quality control, using 6-axis robots.

Our client wanted an automation system in which the quality of the metal rings was automatically controlled in order to reach the injection molding machine. Where it is molded on the plastic fabric.

  • The rings are supplied in a buffer with a capacity of approximately 35 liters
  • The rings are raised on a horizontal conveyor belt.
  • This ensures that the rings are largely horizontal.
  • Above the horizontal conveyor belt is a camera that checks if the parts are correctly oriented.
  • The position and orientation of the correctly oriented parts are transmitted to a 6-axis robot.
  • Badly oriented rings are returned to the buffer zone.
  • The 6-axis robot will choose 1 or 2 rings (depending on whether it is a single or double production) of the conveyor belt with a 3-jaw clamp and place it in an intermediate station.
  • With another clamp, also mounted on the 6-axis robot, the rings are extracted from the intermediate station and inserted into the mold.
  • For the insert clamp, we provide the parts to be retrieved from the existing clamp.
  • Products and injection are excluded from the mold.

In case of a production change, the following actions must be carried out:

  • Emptying the buffer
  • Choose pliers and insert pliers change
  • Change the intermediate station.