Coloring and dosage Movacolor


Control, accuracy and reliability in dosing technology

Movacolor is the first choice of plastic manufacturers worldwide who strive for perfection in the field of injection molding and extrusion.


Advantages of Movacolor over other brands are:

  • accuracy
  • traceability
  • cost reduction
  • waste reduction

Controlable and cost-efficient

Gain direct control over the easy-to-operate system production process that is also cost efficient.

Constant quality

Due to the simple yet ingenious composition, the dosing machines are easy to clean or adjust. This guarantees a consistent quality of colored dosing.

Flexibel production process

Add up to 15 new components to an existing production line when required by new specifications or on a larger scale.

Dosing technologie for injection molding and extrusie

Plastics producing companies are looking for all kinds of qualities in dosing technology.

  • Some are looking for cost reduction for dyes.

  • Some strive for a more stable production process.

  • Others try to increase efficiency or improve quality.

All dosing systems from Movacolor have these specific advantages in integrated modular dosing systems for injection molding and extrusion applications. The dosing systems are all developed with the highly accurate Movacolor dosing technology:

Dosing cylinder for regular output

The dosing cylinder is unique and precise in its design. This ensures a constant and pulsating dosage. Both from the smallest doses (0.01 kg / hour) to the larger dose (1,000 kg / hour).

This allows you to dose spot-on: no additional dosing of expensive additives is required to compensate for irregular dosing or mixing. The result: 20-50% savings on expensive additives.

A stepper motor for exact speed

The stepper motor has an adjustable speed of 0.1 to 200 rpm and also drives the dosing cylinder. The stepper motor is superior to a DC motor, because it works in steps. This allows the driver to adjust the speed of the dosing cylinder very quickly. This allows plastic manufacturers to dose to an ideal precision.

Collar to prevent material separation

The neck pieces and inserts of the neck piece prevent material separation by bringing the colorant directly into the machine’s throat (inline dosing). In addition, one or more dosing systems can be placed on the neck piece.

Finally, there are different inserts available for every application, so that you can dose accurately with all types of materials.

Five-year guarantee on dosing systems

PME is proud to be able to distribute the high-quality robust gravimetric, optometric and volumetric dosing systems to plastic producers in the Benelux. What makes Movacolor even more special for us is that plastic manufacturers receive a standard five-year guarantee on non-wear parts of all Movacolor dosing systems.

PME-Benelux is the official distributor of Movacolor machines and products

in the Netherlands, Belgium en Luxembourg

Movacolor has long been a reliable partner for PME when we look for high-quality dosing machines for our customers. For professional support, advice and implementation of Movacolor in the Benelux you have to go to PME.

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