Campetella Robotic Center is a leading company that focuses on industrial automation.

Furthermore, they are experts in the design and production  industrial robots and complex automation systems. Their core business is finding robot solutions for the plastics sector and in particular the injection molding sector.

Campetella Gunshot

 3-axis robots, also called linear robots, provide relatively simple operations at lightning-fast speeds.

The Gunshot uses fewer moving parts which ensures that:

  • Fewer moving parts
  • Higher speeds Fewer moving parts to replace,
  • Less electricity consumption
  • More compact design.
  • Can perform simple operations lightning fast
  • Discharges molds very quickly and efficiently.


  • Digital vacuum circuits: adjustable from the main screen so that all modifications are within reach.
  • Eco Vacuum system: only switches on the magnet when necessary to create a vacuum.
  • Steel Beam construction: for durability as opposed to aluminum.
  • Minimal maintenance: thanks to linear bearings and guides.
  • Closed cable carriers: prevent contamination and protect cables and hoses.
  • User-friendly controller: many standard functions to easily create programs.
  • Easy to change direction on the back or on the operator’s side.
  • Ethernet options for direct factory communication.

Campetella Side-entry robots

Side-entry robot

Side-entry robot specifications

  • Steel Beam construction for optimum durability.
  • Minimal maintenance thanks to linear bearings and guides.
  • Closed cable carriers that prevent contamination and protect cables and hoses.
  • The “Y” axis has a balance cylinder that prevents excessive wear of the motor and drive.
  • The gear transmission is spiral-shaped so that wear is reduced and the robot is virtually silent.

Easy controls and programming

User Friendly Campetella controller

  • Contains many standard functions
  • Create programs easily and for free
  • Ergonomic 800×480 touchscreen and membrane keyboard.
  • Easy programming and management of all robot functions.
  • Switch with two positions and emergency button for optimum user safety
  • 8 programmable function keys to quickly set specific orders for the process.
  • USB port for backing up programs.
  • New EVO software that makes it easier to perform discharge cycles and palletizing functions.
  • Ability to change the position of the axes in real time without the robot having to stop or restart.
  • Options to grant access rights based on multiple passwords.
  • Fully supported with Ethernet capabilities for direct factory communication.

Campetella benefits

Standard Interface EUROMAP 67 & 73

  • The Campetella robot uses euromap 67 and is adaptable to the euromap 73 for monitoring the machine.
  • Euromap 67 is also available for side-entry high-speed applications.


  • The Campetella robot comes with 4 digital vacuum circuits with which the user can control the settings of the pendant.
  • It is also an eco-vacuum system that only switches on when needed (saves power and maintenance).
  • The Campetella robot is supplied with two gripper circuits and an accumulator on the air circuit, for less energy consumption.

Brede toepassingen


Campetella MODULA-model
  • For lateral release

  • Specifically focused on the implementation of IML installations (In-Mold Labeling)

  • As well as for STACKMOLDING (Sandwich)

  • Other special applications are also possible (eg palletising)

More about Campetella:

Campetella’s global partner network, spread over 28 countries, is designed to offer a complete service in the industrial automation sector: from finding solutions to after-sales assistance, where the speed of customer service intervention is guaranteed by our specialized technicians. Passion, efficiency, competence and teamwork have always distinguished the Campetella team, which now consists of 120 employees. A staff that is both heterogeneous and coherent in sharing a corporate culture that has always been focused on a constant search for technological innovations and a strong bond with the territory.

The basis of their production and design activities is precisely this continuous research, aimed at developing solutions that promote the use of the best technologies and ensure their ease of use for those who choose to rely on the experience of the company to meet their own production needs.

In Mould Labeling

A modular machine with an easily configurable system for IML decoration of plastic products.


Tailor-made systems for packaging, handling and palletizing


Tailor-made systems for packaging, handling and palletizing