Mixing silos

Vertical Mixing Silos

Mixing silos for plastic materials have been planned and built for making the best mixings of granules and/or grinded products; they are moreover suitable for colouring with master or pigments.
They are made of painted carbon steel (mod. “TV”) or in stainless steel (mod.“TX”), with capacities from 500 to 28.000 litres (available on demand bigger volumes).


The VERTICAL MIXING SILO mod. BT (with raising hopper) and BTP (with hopper at floor level) – is the most economical and effective system of mixing of granular, grinded and powder products.

Horizontal Mixing Silos

The horizontal mixer mod. MA/1 – thanks to the particular design of the batch mixing system based on single shaft ribbon type strongly dimensioned for the hardest uses, assures a perfect mixing of powder and granular materials even with different specific weights and with liquids addition; for these reasons it is used with success in many industrial branches

Mixing-dryer silos

  • MIXING SILOS with loading hopper and hinged cover, inspection door (manhole) on cylinder, inside screw pipe with holes for air flowing, filter (for dimensions see TV-TX catalogue).
  • CONNECTION PIPE between the hot air generator and the mixing silos.
  • HOT AIR GENERATOR assembled in metallic box (min. mm. 900 x 900 x h.1800 – max mm. 11000 x 1100 x h.2400) with electrical resistances and fan.
  • ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANEL of the whole equipment.