Deduster systems

More info on the inner workings of dedusters can be found here

Pelletron or Kongskilde

Depending on the needs of the customer, existing equipment in the production process, we meticulously evaluate which specific products can deliver the best results.

The Pelletron DeDuster® was originally developed in function of the high quality standards in the plastics industry.

But the technology can be used for all types of granular bulk materials.

Specifications of the Pelletron universal dedusting machine:

  • Removes dust and streamers with one machine
  • Removes electrostatically charged dust particles
  • Is compatible with any injection molding machine
  • The building height is quite low
  • Fits on top of extruders as well as under silos.
  • Reduces the remaining dust level after cleaning

Dedusting plastic pellets

Dust in pellets can be an important factor in the final quality of injection molded products.

The KIA aspirator is an innovative and efficient way to separate dust from recycled material or granulated plastic.

The Kongskilde pneumatic transport solution can easily be built into the pellet transport system.

AirWash is often used as an inline process in blow molding to constantly reuse and recycle the waste from the injection molding process.

This leads to:

  • Cost savings through the reuse of waste material,
  • Enormous reduction in the amount of dust released into the environment.