Project definition

Our client was looking for an automation solution for a production process in which metal inserts are mounted and fused:

  1. 2 different plastic products have to be taken from the injection molding machine.
  2. In addition, each product has to be grasped in multiple ways (by the 6-axis robot) to allow the inserts to melt in at different places.
  3. The inserts are supplied via a vibrating trough, which also sorts them and brings them to the correct position for the robot gripper.
  4. Finally, the mounted product is placed on the conveyor belt.
Spuitgietmachine: product wordt hier uitgenomen door de 6-axis robot
Insmeltingssysteem product 1: eerste variant wordt hierop geplaatst voor insmelting
Insmeltingssysteem product 2: tweede variant wordt hierop geplaatst voor insmelting
Trilkuip: dit systeem zorgt voor de aanvoervan inserts. Klaar om opgenomen en ingesmolten te worden door de robot.
Transportband: het afgewerkte product wordt na insmelting hierop gesorteerd en weggevoerd.
De Yaskawa MH-50 II 6-axis robot met custom grijper

Used equipment

Yaskawa 6-axis robot

Technical sheet




6-axis robot


PME added values

Practical benefits and specifications

  • Interface with injection molding machine
  • Safety cage connection with safety PLC according to Euromap 67 and 73  standards.
  • User-friendly HMI (human machine interface) made to easily operate the robot.
  • Melting system with molds that are heated when the 6-axis robot places a product on top.
  • Seamless integration between injection molding machine, melting system and vibrating sieve supply.


Programming of the same 6-axis robot

  • that can grasp 2 different products
  • in 2 different ways
  • and perform the correct actions with them.

System for placing the inserts.

  • Robot takes 3 inserts and places them on a heating jig
  • After this the robot takes the product out of the injection molding machine and presses the product over the heated inserts.

Vibrating trough

This trough provides a sorting system for sorting and the correct position of the inserts before they are picked up by the robot arm.

Specifications system placement inserts

  • Basic gripper on the robot
  • Gripper for the white product
  • Gripper for the blue product
  • Gripper for the inserts
  • Steel frame for the entire system
  • Center and heat moulds for the white product
  • Center, reverse and heating moulds for the bottom of the blue product
    Center and heat mold for the blue product
    Reversal gripper for the blue product
    21 heaters with control.