Modularity in IML press-moulding

To meet the increasing demands from the in-mould labeling sector customers, Campetella Robotic Center has deve-loped a modular machine, hence the name Modula, featuring an easily configurable system for the moulding and IML decoration of various plastic products.

The configuration includes:

  • 3 interpolated central electrical axes, one with speeds above 6 m/s and accele-ration of 30 m/s², for entry into the press, and subsequently
  • Up to 3 groups of interpolated electric axes to prepare the label
  • Up to 3 groups of interpolated axes for the offloading and the palletisation of the press-moulded pieces.

The heart of the machine is based on an Italian-made CNC, with firmware made entirely by Campetella following a multitasking approach.
The operator interface (with firmware Campetella) is highly intuitive, with pages that enable the speedy setting of the cycle parameters and the speedy checking of the axes positions and the status of the peripheral devices in general, including the Euromap interface.

The cycle setting procedure, typical of all the standard Campetella robots, was also implemented on this IML dedicated machine, thus enabling operators to run the cycle in step-by-step mode forward and backward, and if need be correct the positions of the electrical axes via Teach-in function.

X-series (gunshot)
Campetella designed the new X-series range of Cartesian robots, whose two separate CanOpen lines (one for I/O, the other for drives) enable immediate expansion to additional tools or insertion of more electric axes.