Industrial Dryers

Vacuum drying

  • Maguire vacuum dryers dry plastic materials six times faster than conventional dryers
  • Moreover, they use up to 85% less energy.
  • Less maintenance costs due to absence of desiccants
  • Dry up to 6 times faster plastic materials
  • Proven technology with more than 2400 LPD dryers installed worldwide.
  • Furthermore, a shorter drying time ensures a smaller risk of material degradation.
  • There are 3 variations suitable for both small and large (kg / hour) transit.

There is no interruption of the drying process during the material change during transport

“On the fly material change”

Because the vacuum dryer dries in batches, a material or color change can be achieved during transport.

Less maintenance

  • Made the desiccant degrade in the loop of time, it needs to be replaced regularly.
  • These costs are avoided with a vacuum dryer.
  • In addition, the requirement to monitor the state of desiccant has been eliminated.

Intuitive touchscreen controls

Simple, intuitive touchscreen controller where operators can control all drying parameters from just one screen.