Gravimetric dosing

Gravimetric batch blenders

The world’s most popular blender.

  • 50,000 Blenders worldwide
  • 5 years warranty
  • dosage range 40 kg / h to 5,500 kg / h
  • 4 to 12 components

Added value from Maguire systems

  • Loader lift system
  • Control with integrated raw material transport
  • Removable hopper (eg with color change)
  • Reduction of masterbatch consumption
  • Controller is mounted remotely
  • Weighing method makes mixers work with vibrations

PME added value

  • Mobile gravimetric blenders
  • Structure and integration
  • PME PLC control
  • All blenders on central control
  • Consumption per component
  • Integration ERP possible

A mobile gravimetric blender custom made by PME

How to operate a Maguire gravimetric batchblender

New Maguire controller

  • All materials are measured by weight
  • Accuracy is constantly checked.
  • Automatic compensation for different densities.

In practice, color and additive are retained up to 1/10 of 1% of the requested ratio.

Automatic recalibration

  • Each batch is followed by an error correction routine that constantly hunts for perfect dosing weights.
  • Direct setting of percentages; No calculations
  • Enter the settings for the percentage of color, additive and regrind on the thumbwheel switches and the system does the rest.

Very easy operation

  • Loading funnels with material; REGRIND, NATURAL, COLOR, ADDITIVE.
  • Set the thumbwheel switches to the desired percentage.
  • Switch on the controller.
  • The device now works automatically and adds components in the correct percentages.
  • If the material runs out, an alarm signal sounds.

Extensive information output


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