Frigel Temperature Control

Frigel are experts in cooling, but also in-depth experts in the customer’s business and especially in its industrial processes.

The cumulus of these experience enables them to identify opportunities for improvement that can shorten the cycle times (cooling times) of the processes.

Microgel: temperature control with integrated chiller

Microgel is a super compact shape cooling unit that is specially designed to shorten the cycle times of the cooling.

It combines a water-cooled chiller (chiller) with one or two high flow temperature controllers. (with heating elements and a “free cooling” valve)

Thanks to digital synchronization with the injection molding machine, the Microgel makes research and registration possible, which offers a range of advantages for production.

Advantages of digital synchronization:

  • The best setting for flow rate and temperature is set optimally
  • The quality of the end product increases
  • Provides a minimum cycle cooling time which can lead to a considerable energy saving.



  • Is a mold cooler unit
  • Has one or two temperature controllers with a high flow
  • Specifically designed for “cooling time reduction”

Digitally synchronized with the injection molding machine

Ability to investigate and record the best setting of cooling parameters and sequence of heating and / or cooling that optimize product quality and cycle time.