6 – axis robots

6-axis automation robots are suitable for more complex operations, often in combination with various functions such as mounting and mounting.

These machines are extremely flexible and can be programmed down to the finest detail to meet all your production requirements.

Implementation options for 6-axis robots

  • Can perform complex operations at a constant pace.
  • Suitable for assembly work
  • Custom programmed handlings and operations
  • IML unloading

Our solutions for complex automations with grippers include 6-axis robots from one of the following top brands:

6-axis Yaskawa-Motoman robotics

YASKAWA is een van de grootste fabrikanten van industriële robots, met wereldwijd 400.000 robots geïnstalleerd.

Applications of 6-axis robots

  • welding
  • palletizing
  • Paint
  • Handling

Extra options

Wide range of robots designed for laboratory and cleanroom applications as well as top quality, ready-made automated welding systems.


Optimal combination of drive, controller and control terminal that can be customized to suit different applications thanks to the firmware.

6-axis Fanuc robotics

FANUC is the leading global manufacturer of factory automation

  • 40 years of experience in robot technology development,
  • 7,000 robot production capacity per month
  • more than 550,000 robot installations worldwide.

Common operating platform

  • loading and unloading by robots integrated quickly and easily.
  • A machine and a robot easily connected via a FANUC interface.
  • Screens provided in the CNC to monitor and control the robot.
  • Powerful network solutions between production lines and processing systems.