Automate your production

Automation is the future for the production of plastics and other granule based products

They save costs in the long term: optimized automation can perform operations faster and better than manual labor.

A constant cycle time is possible so that production can continue even after working hours.

Because there is no (or less) direct contact with the machines due to automation, the general safety at the workplace increases.

Automation of production processes with 6-axis robots

Manufacturers of plastic related products find a reliable partner at PME to increase the efficiency of their production. On the one hand by a thorough analysis by our team, so that the best customized solution can be found. On the other hand by our stark partnerships with top brands in the industry that garanty our steady supply of machinery and spare parts.

Finally, thanks to the expertise of our project engineers, customers are assured of a good integration with their existing infrastructure, even when it contains machines from competing brands.

Technology used:

  • 3D Engineering (AutodeskInventor),
  • PLC programming,
  • Metal construction,
  • Machining and pipe assembly

In-Mould Labelling (IML)

In-mold labeling is predominately used in the packaging industry as an alternative to printing molded parts with special requirements:

  • Such as a very flexible design
    Or when the desired print image cannot be applied directly to the molded part.

The advantage of IML is that it integrates a downstream process with the injection molding process. Utillising handling technology, the labels are placed in the mold and the parts are removed in parallel.




  • Supplied as standard
  • PLC controlled
  • Can also be tailor-made (for more complex installations)

Custom End of Arm Tooling


  • Standard or carbon

  • Tailored to your product

  • Preview via 3d drawings

Conveyor Belts


  • Wide choice of drive options
  • Put into gear tailored to the automation
  • Allows production autonomy for up to 16 hours

Safety Cages


  • ASAP ready for delivery
  • Safety PLC
  • Electrical signaling
  • Integrated End-of-arm tool controller
  • Adapted to the arrangement of the robots