Automation solutions

Automatisation of plastic production

PME is a reliable partner for plastic manufacturers to help automise their production and raise there efficiency. Realisation is made possible trough a thoroug analysis of the enquiry by our team of techincal engineers. That way we can provide the best fitting solution custom-fitted for our clients.

Thanks to our experienced project engineers, our clients our assured of a perfect integration with their existing systems and machinery, no matter the brand.


  • 3D Engineering (AutodeskInventor),
  • PLC programmatie,
  • Metaalconstructie,
  • installation of tube network and connections

Installations for processing plastic raw materials

Cooling, tempering, transportation and storage of plastic materials.

Futhermore, we can provide solutions to process granulates and other plastic materials by placing a network of tubes connecting all the necessary dots for a clean and efficiënt cooling/tempering/storage systemen.

Peripheral equipment

Peripheral equipment

We deliver, install and make modifications (if necessary) to a wide range, top of the line peripherals for plastic manufacturing. This includes but is not limited to: shredders, conveyors, metal detectors, silo’s, dedusters, feeders, loaders & receivers, dryers, extrusion control, dosing & coloring equipment…

We also provide these services for auxilery equipment regarding the cooling and tempering of moulds. Want to save more electricity? With our engineering and know-how these machines will be installed with maximum power-efficiency.

Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance products

We provide engineering and project assistance for a wide array of solutions concerning blow moulding, injection moulding, extrusion or similar techniques to produce plastic related products. 

We at PME don’t settle for less than providing a perfect service for our complete collection of products and solutions. Our team of experienced service technicians will provide an immediate analysis and solution on-site as to reduce the downtime of production to a minimum.

Service interventions can be requisted here .

Cash & carry products

Webshop for spare parts and maintenance products

Lastly we sell maintenance products for cleaning and maintaning various equipment and machinery. You can also order spare parts (if available) from our webshop.